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Inspiring and advising brands on how to CREATE, LIVE and SHARE their brand.


You and your brand can have a hard time standing out from all the other brands.

So you need to create a compelling brand that fits you, creates focus, pushes business and that will lead the competition.

When you already have a brand, you need to keep it fresh and relevant in time, across cultures and geographies.

For your brand is only powerful if it connects and continues to stay connected to all your stakeholders.

Exactly that is what Thinking Of … does,

Help you create that compelling brand.


A succesful brand enables an emotional connection on different levels

Empowering your employees to take ownership and breath the brand, live the brand. Make choices that align with your purpose, values and goals.

You want potential and existing customers to believe in your brand in the dream your brand is.

Enable fans and brand ambassadors to LIVE your brand.

Create a brand that will
make great employer branding possible for your employees and make customers willing and proud brand advocates.


Having a great product or service is never enough. The world needs to know about it. “To like or hate”.

Either way you need to share, so people can care.

The likeabilty of your brand is directly connected to the actions it takes and communicates

A professional brand, marketing and content strategy with a consistent and carefully managed execution is therefor essential.

Empowering your stakeholders to embrace, share, make intentional choices and take focussed actions.

Subsequently positioning and selling your product | service.

THINKING OF Your brand

Thinking for brands, that don’t exist yet, to brands that are around for more than 100 years.

Regardless of where you are on that spectrum. People commit to brands they can believe in. Brands that are real and authentic.

With “BRAND” we mean, the drivers of your BIG idea, the values, the defining choices you stand for and make. The emotional connections you enable, setting your business apart from any other business.

It’s up to you to make sure that your brand is solid and authentic in it’s uniqueness (yes we all hate the word, but you get the idea). From that, all else will derive.

So don’t get lured by snazzy design. The right design will find it’s way from your defined Brand Strategy.

First thing is a solid BRAND.

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thinking of SOLUTIONS


Brand | Business owner

As a brand | business owner you’ve touched the thought or even realised it is time to take your brand to the next level.

And you’re stuck with the question how and who.

So this is on offer:

  • Trusted advisor
  • Creating your brand
  • Leading your Marketing department
  • Brand Strategy and compliance
  • Brand Repositioning
  • A Rebranding
  • Develop long and mid-term Marketing strategies
  • Ensure all brand assets drive a consistent Brand Experience across the marketing mix
  • Content Strategy creation
  • Build up of responsive Social communities (owned, earned, paid)

Board and C-suite

You as board, C-suite or personally as a C-suite executive, need to leverage your expertise to develop a powerful and differentiated brand strategy, increase market competitiveness, safeguard brand reputation, and foster a brand-centric culture internally.

The value for a corporation:

  • Trusted advisor to C-Suite
  • One on One C-level executive
  • Brand Strategy and compliance
  • Mentor to Brand | Marketing leaders
  • Marketing partnerships
  • Brand Repositioning
  • Rebranding
  • Delegated CMO

Everything on offer can be done Visible or in a Stealth capacity.

Venture Capitalist

Either you yourself as VC or one of your Start- or Scale-ups can use a brand consultant to help to unlock a brand’s potential, increase their market value, and create a solid foundation for sustainable growth, thereby increasing the chances of a successful investment.

Bringing to the table:

  • Trusted advisor to VC/PC
  • Delegated CMO to Start-up, Scale-up
  • Mentor to future Brand | Marketing leaders
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Strategy and compliance
  • Start and build up of a Marketing Department
  • Define solid product to market propositions
  • Launch strategy

Everything on offer can be done Visible or in a Stealth capacity.

Thinking Of … works for, worked for, would love to work for


Experienced and successful brand builder with a demonstrated history in i.a.:

  • Trusted advisor
  • Mentor to future Brand | Marketing leaders
  • Bringing Brand | Business owners to a next brand and marketing level
  • Brand creation
  • Creative Brand Marketing
  • Rebranding | Repositioning
  • Trusted advisor
  • One on One C-level executive sparring partner
    (Visible or in a Stealth capacity)
  • Strong in luxury, challenger and disruptive brands



– Leo Verdonck –

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